Think you are Haunted? TCPS can help!

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Think you may be experiencing paranormal activity in your home? (If you're not sure, read this article written by a TCPS member.) The TCPS Team will investigate any paranormal activity at your request which can be submitted using the form below. Please note: Investigations are completely free and TCPS will never charge anything for an investigation.

What to Expect of an Investigation-
A TCPS investigation will generally involve three visits--an initial assessment, the actual investigation, and a follow up visit to share any results.

As soon as your investigation request is received, we will contact you for more information and plan our visits with you. The first visit and follow up can take place during the day but we prefer the actual investigation to be at night, if at all possible.

Investigations will be conducted courteously and professionally, with as little inconvenience to you as possible.



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