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Types of Hauntings in Gettysburg
by: Natalie Lynn, TCPS Member


So what type of haunted activity can be found in Gettysburg? Basically there seems to be two or three types of experiences:

The first one is the classic, traditional ghost-type haunting where the spirit can interact with its environment and the living. People can be made aware of this type of haunting through the slamming of doors, the moving of objects, voices and other noises like rattling and banging, and seeing an apparition, mist or orb.

The second type would be the residual haunting which is believed to be the replaying or repeating of past events that were so traumatic in nature that they left an imprint on the surrounding environment. Interactive spirits are not present in residual events so these types of hauntings aren't really considered to be ghosts. Example of this would be the many reported experiences of ghostly soldiers repeating history--marching, fighting, firing rifles, having phantom campfires, etc. as if they were stuck in a time loop.

This is probably the most common type of haunting activity reported.

The third type of haunted activity that seems to occur in Gettysburg is the "wrinkle in time" phenomena.

Does the ghost of Lincoln haunt Gettysburg?  He would be an example of one of the types of hauntings in Gettysburg

The only photo of Abraham Lincoln (circled) at the Gettysburg Memorial Dedication where he delivered the Gettysburg Address. Some say his ghost can be encountered at the Wills House, the place he finished writing the speech.
The Library of Congress. Prints & Photographs Division


For some inexplicable reason, in rare cases, a door in time seems to open and people from our time seem to stumble upon a real--not residual--moment from 1863.



For more information and examples of this type of haunted activity, see Ghosts of Gettysburg, by Mark Nesbitt, Book I (unnumbered), page 58, Book II (More Ghosts of Gettysburg), page 13, or Book III, page 15.

An interesting, true story illustrating the "wrinkle in time" type of haunting can be found here.

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