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Taking a Gettysburg Ghost Tour
by: Natalie Lynn, TCPS Member


There are several companies doing ghost tours in Gettysburg, so take some time to check them out before you go. People reviewing the Gettysburg ghost tours on Yahoo Travel gave them mixed reviews. It seems that skill level of the guide is of vital importance so I would suggest asking a lot of questions about your guide's experience and popularity before you sign up. Another sticking point for a lot of people was the fact that, with some tour companies, the guides aren't paid and they ask for tips at the end of the walk. If that doesn't

Lee's Headquarters, seen on Gettysburg Ghost Tour
Gen. Lee's Headquarters-Gettysburg,1863
Courtesy of The Library of Congress,

bother you, great, otherwise check before you go.

Here's a list of tour companies:

The Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours
These are the only ghost tours based on the excellent, best-selling books, Ghosts of Gettysburg, by Mark Nesbitt and include four different tours--one is a bus tour and the rest are walking tours.
Contact Info: 271 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Phone: (717) 337-0445, Toll Free: 888-337-0445, Fax: 717-337-9673

Historic Farnsworth House Candlelight Ghost Walks
This group is connected to the very historic and haunted Farnsworth House. According to them, they have the "most unique walks," and are "not confined to scripted and printed stories of recent years." They have received press coverage on TV, and in books and magazines.
Contact Info: 401 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Phone: 717-334-8838, Fax: 717-334-5862 |

Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours
Owned and operated by a 6th generation Gettysburg resident, Sleepy Hollow says it "features storytellers with over 50 Years combined storytelling experience." Their tours combine first hand experiences with tales and legends, human interest and historical facts.
Contact Info: Phone: 717-337-9322 Fax: 717-337-9327

Ghostly Images Tours
This company offers four tours, one of which is a bus tour. The tours from this company often include a visit inside a haunted building but it would be a good idea to check just to be sure.

Contact Info: 778 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325, Phone: (717) 334-6296

 Visit the Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam--

I don't think this cam is technically set up to be a ghost cam but we all know just how active the Gettysburg battlefields are. The cam is located on Seminary Ridge so take a look, you just might see history repeating itself.


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