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Some Haunted Places to Visit in Gettysburg
by: Natalie Lynn, TCPS Member


Some Haunted Places in Town--
This is by no means a complete list of places reputed to be haunted in town--consider it just something to get you started:

The Farnsworth House Inn, Pennsylvania Hall and Brua Hall in Gettysburg College, The Wills House - Lincoln Room Museum, Herr Tavern and Public House, General Lee's Headquarters Museum, The Jenny Wade House, and the Cashtown Inn.

Some Haunted Places to Visit in Gettysburg
Little Round Top--Gettysburg, 1863
Courtesy of The Library of Congress,

Ghosts on the Battlefield--
As you might imagine, the battlefield is extremely active when it comes to experiencing all types of hauntings. While paranormal experiences could occur anywhere, some of the known hot spots include: Devil's Den, Spangler's Spring, Iverson's Pitts, the Triangular field, the fields where Pickett’s Charge took place, Little Round Top, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, the George Weikert House, the Rose Farm, and the Eternal Light Peace Memorial. Information about visiting these places can be found at the National Park Service.

Visiting the Battlefield

You have a few options to consider when visiting the battlefield: You can drive your vehicle without a guide, you can hire a licensed guide, you can use a great battlefield guide book or you can rent or purchase a CD to play in your car while you are driving the battlefield by yourself. Costs and convenience are factors when making your choice, so I have provided a little information below to help you make your decision.

Guided Tours--

Battlefield Tours from the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides
Licensed Guides are available for hire at the National Park Service. Guides are highly trained and licensed and will ride with you for two hours in your car. Cost is $45.00 for 1-6 people, larger groups cost more.
Contact information: 97 Taneytown Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325,
Phone: 717-334-1124 x477
Toll Free: 877-438-8929

Battlefield Driving Tours--A "drive it yourself" CD rental or purchase
This recording is a comprehensive tour of the historic battlefield for you to use in your own vehicle. Written by a licensed guide and critiqued by the National Park Service, the tour includes all three days of conflict. Cassette or CD may be rented ($11.00 plus tax) or purchased for a minimal price at the Farnsworth House or local campgrounds and for sale only at the Dobbin House and Lincoln Room Museum.
Contact Info: Farnsworth House; 401 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: 717-337-1217

Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau--
A gate way to the battle information, tours and attractions, dining, hotel and lodging, bed and breakfasts, maps and more.
Contact Info: 102 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Phone: 717-334-6274, 1-800-337-5015
Fax: 717-334-1166



Visit the Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Cam--

I don't think this cam is technically set up to be a ghost cam but we all know just how active the Gettysburg battlefields are. The cam is located on Seminary Ridge so take a look, you just might see history repeating itself.


The Best Guided Tour Book--

Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide by Mark Grimsley

This book is not specifically for ghost hunting but it is an excellent book--heads and shoulders above the rest--when looking for a battlefield guide book. A thorough, well written book that is organzied around the tour stops An essential book to have if you are planning to go solo.


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This article is copyrighted by the author: Natalie Lynn, 2006