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Below, you will find a list of live ghost and paranormal web cams that we have personally gathered from all over the internet (and world). Each link has been checked by TCPS for quality and reliability so enjoy! If you know of any ghost cams that should be included on this list, please contact us.


The Lexington - Located in Corpus Christi, Tx the USS Lexington is a vintage World War II aircraft carrier commissioned in 1943. Ironically, she was nicknamed "the blue ghost" by Tokyo Rose for her ability to defy the odds and return to battle following many reports of her demise. There are numerous credible sightings of ghosts and unusual occurences onboard, including a story about a very knowledgeable "tour guide."

Willard Library Cam - The Willard Library, located in Evansville, Indiana, was first known to be haunted in 1936 when a maintenance worker quit his job because of repeated encounters with a "lady in gray" in the building's basement. The Library dates back to 1885 and many think that the ghost-and no one seems to know her identity--is from that time period, judging by her clothing. The site features three cams and supposedly, lots of activity.

Haunted Hospital - There's not a lot of information surrounding the web cams on this Tulsa Oklahoma other than it is a paranormal research site. Still, it is interesting and viewers get to send in their captured images and some of them make it into the gallery. Check out page 7 here at the bottom where a figure appears to be standing behind a researcher. Interesting.

Asylumcam - In 1998, a family of 6

moved into a large, 100 year old, 3 story house only to discover that it was some sort of "...hub for guests (i.e. ghosts) that are passing through on their way from one destination to another." The house, which is located in Sedalia, MO., has 3 LIVE cams with 24/7 stream. Site also has cams from other locations including Denmark. The only down side is that you have to register to see anything on the site. 

The Queen Mary Ship - Sponsored by Ghosts and Legends, a company that offers haunted tours of the great ship, the Queen Mary Ghost Cam is available 24/7 along with a forum to discuss what you may or may not have seen.

The Ghostwatcher - A woman named June, who lives in New York City, is nervous about the weird goings on in her apartment so she has set up 37 cameras to catch any paranormal activity that may occur. Viewers are encouraged to monitor and submit any anomalies that they happen

to see. So far June has listed over 5000 reports submitted by over 4300 viewers. Hopefully, all this will help June sleep a little better at night.

DDDavid's Ghost Cams - David has set up 6 live cams in a 100 year old victorian house to capture evidence of a haunting. The public is encouraged to view, and send in their captures of events.


Gettysburg Battlefield Cam - I don't think this cam is technically set up to be a ghost cam but we all know just how active the Gettysburg battlefields are. The cam is located on Seminary Ridge so take a look, you just might see history repeating itself.

The Asylums Gate or NightstarCam - This cam is located in a 1950's home somewhere in the eastern United States. The house is reputed to be very active with orbs, mist, footsteps, physical touching and other things that go bump in the night. The cam is online from 8:00pm till 6:00am Eastern US time.

Oklahoma City Ghost Club Web Cam - According to the site, 2 cams have been placed in a store that has been determined to have some sort of ongoing paranormal activity and is currently under investigation. One camera is located in the main room of the store where many kinetic movements have been reported and another is in a side room.



BBC Lincolnshire Ghost Cam - According to the site, they have set up a state of the art image intensifying camera in the roof of the old Radion Buildings, in Lincolnshire. They seem to feel that they have lots of paranormal activity going on that can be recorded by the cameras.


Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Caerphilly in South East Wales - They don't say much about the Manor on the site other than it is Wale's most haunted house. Truthfully, I don't know if it is the most haunted house but the gallery photos sent in by viewers do seem to support the claim of some paranormal activity. To see an interesting gallery photo, go here.

Craig Y Nos Castle, Penycae,Wales - Castle has a rich history of both dramatic and tragic events and has had numerous tv shows cover it's ghostly activities. They also claim to be Wales's most haunted house. Site uses 6, realtime cameras which change views every 3 - 5 minutes.

Ordsall Hall GhostCam in Salford, Uk. - According to this site, "Every self-respecting Tudor manor house of distinction has a ghost - and Ordsall Hall is no exception." The main ghost here seems to be "The White lady" who has made her presence known to many. Cam is updated every 15 seconds and also has a gallery of captures. but they delete them after 24 hours.


The Ghomats Webcam, Wiltshire UK - This site seems a tiny bit confusing but interesting. According to them, this site is "where you will see footage from a mystical webcam sometimes featuring guests on a mystical ghost tour of Devizes and various others locations around Wiltshire UK.

GhostWatch's Irish Linen Mill, Belfast, Ireland - A very well done site, one of my favorites. Viewers are urged to be on "look out for the ethereal apparition of a young lady whose spirit, many believe, haunts this former Irish linen mill." Site has a gallery and lots of interaction with viewers. Cam updates every 30 seconds.

Leprechaun Cam - Another site created by the same people as the Irish Linen Mill--great site. For this one, you have to expand your concept of reality to include leprechauns, but hey, why not? According to the site, "the leprechaun Irish fairy watch camera is in a hidden location in a field overlooking a fairy ring in Tipperary, Ireland." Sounds like fun!

Paris Catacombs - Very little text on the page and none of it very informative. So...this is a cam of the Paris Catacombs, end of story.